T.A.P. Dance Class

All movements were designed and created from the art of Ballroom Dancing. Each phase was carefully and technically prepared for all stages-the participants can be standing or seated. They can be in wheelchairs, in use of walkers or canes . Everyone can participate –everybody will benefit!!!

The classes are broken down according to the stage of the disease. There are three (3) phases to the program:

Phase 1

This phase will be targeted to those individuals in the community at large..to seniors of Normal Aging… Most individuals at this stage will be able to “follow” and “understand” curriculums and direction. Those at Senior Centers, Retirement Communities, that are looking for “new” social activities.This group can participate at a studio or in the community at a designated site.

Phase 2

For those suffering with MCI-Mild Cognitive Impairment: this group becomes more challenging-but also more rewarding, The population can still be living in the community or in “Independent Living Facilities” in the community. Their ability to recall and retain information is delayed-but with repetition and physical activity-the loss will decrease over time. This group can participate in a controlled and simple study-with simple measures that can be facilitated with an instructor-or other trained professional.

The participants can enroll for a semester (to be determined) in a controlled and simple study. They will be tested before and after the designated time period to see the effects that dancing has made in their mental status and acuity and cognition. The purpose of this “controlled “ group is to have evidence that will allow us to continue to document the long-term benefit of dancing and to present it as scientific data.

Phase 3

For those with mid to late stages of dementia. A series of “creative movements”- will be performed by the instructor to the individuals-these groups should be smaller.The responses will not necessarily follow those of the instructor. This group often acts and reacts on an individual basis.They DO respond to music and movement and will present their own interpretation . Even those who initially show little or no expression will with time and repetition display some emotion. This is a most rewarding experience…

Training and Oversight

Training will be conducted by the creators of the program – the specific exercises, music and language are key to the success of the program. The sense of touch and tone will be taught not only to the instructor but to the family and caregivers as well. The beauty of this program is that it can involve a caregiver, a spouse and other family members. TAP creates a safe environment -there is no judgment. It is a place to feel free and express… to just be.

Study Groups

These are groups that are specifically designed to show “outcomes” – all participants must sign a release and will be tested before and after the designated time period of the study.  All measures that are being implemented are under the guidance and supervision of Dr. Alan Jacobs, Behavioral Neurologist, Clinical Director of the Program.